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WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Company Profile
WIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established by WIT Co., Ltd., Japan since in 2008.
We operate the ways to test component of mounted circuit board and solutions business through the best test solution as its primary goal by customer’s needs via ASEAN major cities and primary cities around the world.
We will always take this as the driving force, adhere to high-quality professional technical services, to become "the best integrated test solution provider" as a long-term goal, and constantly strive to move forward. To provide efficient and fast service and high-quality test products, and actively work to promote the cause of professional technical services to the development of the field.

Product contain with
Original products
 ・Special cleaner for test probes, EQO mat
 ・Visual Inspection System, IP-3000
 ・In-Circuit tester, IP-5800
 ・Tools, fixture of programs, products and support

  Imported products
 ・Test Probes Ingun (Germany)
   ・Digital In-circuit tester, MTS180/300 Digitaltest (Germany)
   ・CAD/CAT/CAM System Digitaltest (Germany)
   ・PCB’s Quality Management system Digitaltest (Germany)
   ・In-System Programming tool, MPQ RPM Systems (USA)
   ・USB Test Hosts Root2 RPM Systems (USA)
   ・Boundary Scan J-Tag Technologies (Holland)

Company history


WIT Co., Ltd., is established in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture.

Becomes sole agency for INGUN (Germany) in Japan and ASEAN member countries (some areas not included).


Office established in Shanghai, China.

Becomes East Asia sole agency for Digitaltest (Germany).

Office established in Shenzhen, China.


Capital increased by JPY5M to JPY150M.


Local subsidiary, "WIT (Shanghai) CO., LTD. ", established in Shanghai, China.


Company name changed from "Wacky International Technologies Ltd." to "WIT Co., Ltd.".Moved to new company building.

Becomes sole agency for RPM Systems (USA) in Japan and ASEAN member countries (some areas not included).


Local subsidiary, "WIT (THAILAND) CO., LTD." established in Thailand.


WIT open WIT Thailand "Hanoi" representative office at Hanoi, Viet Nam.


Newly opened Chukyo Area office in Mie Prefecture.

WIT became the representative of Nutek(Singapore) in Japan.

Office established in Laguna, Philippines.


Chukyo Area Office was moved to the same city area, Matsusaka city, Mie Pref.